• I have been involved in taking care of elderly relatives for many years. Some of the best and most professional caregivers I have met have come from Starburst Home Health Care to take care of two of my family members. These caregivers are truly interested in the welfare of their patients and in communicating well with the family. James works with the family to determine and to meet the needs of all concerned. Requests for information, etc., are handled in a warm and gracious manner by Dorys in the office. These kinds of support help to ease the difficulty of having a family member who needs care.
    Alice C.
  • Starburst Home health is an outstanding provider of home health aides. Staffing is not an issue. The aides uniformly have been polite, competent, compassionate, caring and very nice. The company is diligent about replacing the steady aide with a substitute when the regular aide takes time off. The company ensures that the longterm health insurer receives the bills each week so that reimbursement is timely and without a problem. The Starburst administrative staff is courteous and responsive. We are very pleased with Starburst's service.
  • Heath Care for the elderly is a very difficult and tasking venture even for the most prepared and/or experienced healthcare providers. My brothers and I are faced with our mother being elderly and suffering with Alzheimer's(Dementia). The decision was made to keep mom at home and get assistance through home health care providers. My younger brother is with my mother almost constantly but it was obvious he needed help. I myself live in Georgia and my Brother and Mom live in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I started my search on my last visit to locate an In Home Health Care Provider. My internet search provided me a number of options for assistance through Caring.Com. After making contact with a few agencies provided; I decided on Starburst Home Healthcare. Starburst Home Healthcare has to date been a ray of sunshine in providing for my mother. My brother provided me with feedback that my mother has really become attached to the healthcare provider and from his own observation the healthcare provider truly engage in providing the best and complete care for my mother. I am very impressed and must admit just having contact with provider services by phone left me with some concerns. Starburst Home Healthcare has reinstated my belief and confidence that loving and caring healthcare providers are still available. Thank you so much, Dorys and James of Starburst Home Healthcare. Sincerely
    James Jr.
  • Dear Dorys: As you know my Mother passed away last Thursday after being rushed to the ER at Morristown. I spoke with Rosie last week to thank her personally for her help and care for my Mother over the past few weeks. She was just wonderful. I want to also thank you and everyone at Starburst for all your help and attention. As our paths generally don't cross at the building, I would ask you to express my thanks personally to James for his help and understanding during this last phase of my Mother's life and for making it very easy for me to take this very needed step in my Mother's care. His choice of Rosie as my Mother's aid was the absolutely right one.
    Bob B.
  • Starburst Cared for my Mother for over a year and the Aides where wonderful and the office staff was very professional. I would recommend this agency to any family looking for care. A Plus
  • This note is written in appreciation of James Zukowsky and his Starburst Home Health Care organization. Jim works with family to determine and to meet the needs of all concerned in a professional and pleasant manner. Jim has assembled some truly outstanding care givers, some of the best and most professional I've ever met, who are genuinely interested in the welfare and comfort of their patients, and who communicate very well with the family. Samantha in the office handles requests for information, etc., in a warm and gracious manner. All of these kinds of support help to ease the difficulty of having a family member who needs care. I have been involved in taking care of elderly relatives for many years with caregivers sometimes provided by agencies and sometimes found from other resources and working with Starburst is by far the best experience I have had in every way. A.C.
    Alice C.